Monday, 16 September 2013

New Beginnings

I'm extremely sorry for my lack of posts this summer, I spent a week and a half at my friends house then my laptop decided to begin death row, a few weeks later I went to Thailand for a month but fortunately I have a new laptop and can shower you with photos from my holiday! ^.^ 

I stayed in Pattaya with my aunties friend for 3 weeks, she took me out every day and even took us on a tourist trip to Ayutthaya to see 9 temples in one day!

 My favourite Thai fizzy drink orange, pineapple and banana flavour fanta!!

 Coco-nut juice my ultimate favourite drink!

The night market in pattaya was the most amazing market I have ever been to although I've been many times before I could go every night!

My dream puppy although I couldn't take it home :( 

I brought back so many clothes from Thailand I actually have a complete new wardrobe!!
Hopefully I'll be able to post more outfit posts but tomorrow is my first day at uni hopefully all goes well my roommates seem pretty awesome so far ;) 

Thanks for reading!! Wish me luck! 

what did you do this summer? 
Jenny xxx

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