Sunday, 23 December 2012

Its Christmas Eve, Eve!

The other week I went to my friend Jess' house and seeing as Christmas is only two days away I thought I would share some pictures I took of her tree as it is a million times more beautiful than my Buddhist on a budget tree!!

Later on we also made brownies, which were amazing! And I got to lick the spatula!

Here's Jess' sister licking the bowl. What a great Christmas card this would make!

Thanks for reading!! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!
Jenny xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

My illustration boards set 2

Two of my boards were inspired by Jason Brooks, I used a similar technique to colour my illustrations. I tried to develop my style by adding the leaf brushes in the hair of my illustrations; originally I created ink splatter brushes on Photoshop however I didn’t like the look it created so I opted for the leaf brushes, I thought that this would also fit in with the sustainable aspect of my collection a they link through nature.
I think that they do meet the needs of noir however I feel that the models don’t quite fit with the company as they tend to use European models and I have used Asian models as I thought that this fit with my Asian trend. I think that my boards are success full and I like the outcome.
I feel that my style has developed over the two years and I feel more confident illustrating digitally. I think my Photoshop and illustrator skills have also improved however I feel that I was restricted to experiment more with my style as I illustrated my collection for noir, I couldn’t experiment with more colours.
I think I could improve these with experimenting with more poses and I think I should have experimented with more techniques.

In all I much prefer these boards to my other two, I'm not sure what it is but I feel much more confident with these and in general just like the look of these more.
Thanks for reading!! what do you think of my boards??
Jenny xxx

My illustration boards set 1

These two were inspired by Stina Persson; I used water colours for these boards. To fit noirs colour scheme I stuck to minimal colours only using black and red. I tried to keep a similar style to my other boards but using a traditional media.
I did smudge part of one of my boards; if I was to complete these illustrations properly I would have photographed or scanned them onto the computer and touched them up using Photoshop to remove the smudges.
I think they are successful however I feel that the figures are a little too feminine for noir.
I am pleased with these boards however I don’t like the arrangement of the flowers on the board I smudged, I also felt a bit uneasy doing these boards as I was unsure what medias or techniques to use and I feel that my other boards were more successful.
This is the board that I smudged I'm quite a perfectionist so this smudge makes me very uneasy.

I am quite happy with this board and im pleased with the way it turned out.
Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my boards?
Jenny xxx

Friday, 14 December 2012

My Jason Brooks recreation!

Another illustrator that I recreated was Jason Brooks, I decided to make a separate post for this as this was the recreation I spent the most time on. 

Jason Brooks Original.

My Recreation. 
Here I have put them side by side to compare them both. Looking back there are a lot of adjustments I feel that I could make however I'm quite proud and happy with the outcome. 

This only actually took me a college day to do which is pretty good timing for me.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this recreation??

Jenny xxx 

Recreating illustrators

From my illustrator research I have sampled their techniques and have recreated one of their illustrations, after this I will create my own illustration using their style, this will eventually help me decide on what style of illustration so use for my boards and help me progress my own style helping me decide which techniques I do and don't like.

Max Gregor recreation:

(left)original, (right)my recreation

I quite liked using this technique however I think I should have taken more time drawing the face as I think the eyes look a little goofy and the lips are to upward pointed. 

Bec Winnel recreation:

(left) original, (right) my work in progress. 
I finally plucked up the guts to attempt to recreate her work, I'm not sure how this will turn out but I'm hoping for the best!

Stina Persson Recreation:

(left) original, (right) my recreation.

This time I decided to recreate one of her cut paper techniques, over all I think I did ok, however i think the face looks a bit dodgy! 

Rene Gruau Recreation:

(left) original, (right) my recreation.

(The head looks a little squashed for the angle I took the picture at) I am quite happy with this creation however the eyebrow is the wrong shape.

Thanks for reading!! 

What do you think of my recreations?

Jenny xxx 

Illustrator over load!

Again we have another illustration type brief and I have researched into a number of illustrators, here I want to share some of the more modern and digital illustrators as digital illustration is one of my favourite medias to work with. 

Originally I had a massive list I found in a book but had to cut this down quite a bit!!

Gavin Reece 

Ewa Brockway

Herman Yap 

Kosmas Apatangelos

These are a few modern illustration styles that I really like!

Who is your favourite illustrator?

Jenny xxx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Golden Ratio again!?

Some of you may remember the paper piece I created a while ago using the golden ratio. I have now tried to create another piece based on the arrangement you get when the golden ratio is naturally formed.

 Here i have used squares once again as my base shape folding two of the corners creating a petal like shape, then I arranged them in a spiral trying to recreate the arrangement of seeds following the natural golden ratio. around the shoulder and then across the body, I also added a curve joining the main curve line. 

Jenny xxx 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Design Boards!

So I've finally finished my design boards for "Noir" the company that I have chosen to design for this breif.

Here are the finished boards:

To do my figures I first drew them on a pice of paper and then scanned them in and touched them up, I then drew the garments on Illustrator.

 To do the background I found a tutorial on youtube and used a picture from noir to create the text that creates the matrix effect.

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my design boards??

Jenny xxx

Monday, 3 December 2012


The other week i had to research into Noir and then design a collection for themso I thoguth I'd share some info and pictures about them.

Noir is an eco friendly fashion brand funded in 2004 by Peter Ingwersen. They work closely with the Illuminati 2 which is an organic cotton brand. Their collections are mostly black so it was pretty hard to come up with new designs for their brand!

Noir is quite sleek and sophisticated so my designs and design boards will have to reflect that, wish me luck!!
I will post my design boars when they are complete!!
Jenny xxx

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