Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Folding papers

Lately we've been researching into the golden ratio and one of our tasks was to pick a shape from triangles, squares or circles (I chose squares) and then cut out different size of your shape using the golden ratio and then create shapes on the mannequin.
At first I was a bit clueless as to how to start and sort of just began pinning paper in any which way, I then decided to make some fortune tellers and pin them on the shoulder.

I then decided to make some water Lilly's making them smaller as I pinned them further down

Here is were I decided to stop I felt like I couldn't add anything else otherwise it would be over crowded.

Thanks for reading! what do you think of my outcome??
Jenny xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Working On the Stand

 Today at college in the afternoon we started working on the stand in pairs, today I worked with my good friend Jess.
I think the aim of this was to create what ever shapes we wanted and to get us used to working with fabric again, and to show us how designers would create patters using draping.

We started just by folding pinning things in places(there was no real plan) here are some of the shapes that we came up with.

 Here we made one piece of fabric look like a two piece or a dress by folding it at the waist we also added pleats on one shoulder and pinned the sides back to create the look of sleeves.

This is one thing we were told to do and that is to fit the fabric to the bodice using darts, this would then be made into a fitted bodice pattern.
 here we adjusted the fabric to create a one sleeved look and added two folds one coming up from the hip and the other coming down from the shoulder.

 in this sample we draped the fabric from the neck and I got Jess to hold our the edges to create more dimension.



 In this sample we pulled the fabric through the elastic on the mannequin and then folded it back over adding pleats to the waist


 here we created a pleated one shoulder and added diagonal pleats from each side.

 in this sample we pinned the fabric straight across the chest and pinned one corner of the fabric to the opposite side of the chest and added folds on the sides.

This is the strange oyster shape Jess came up with which would probably be impossible to turn into a pattern! to do this we pinned 1/4 of the way down of the fabric to the shoulder and scrunched and pinned until we were happy with the shape.
 (of course because its me we had to  make some bows!) to do this i unpinned some of the previous shape and folded each end over to create a puffy bow shape and then dragged the remaining fabric over the centre to create a bow.

To do this one we first folded the fabric like you would a fan and then pulled it through the fabric and pinned the sides up. We then carried on working with this adjusting the shape each time.

here we pinned the edges to the back to flatten the sides.

here we scrunched one side of the fabric pinning as we went along.
Thanks for reading! which is your favourite shape??
Jenny xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Three Favourite Fashion Bloggers

 I'm now back at college and already have a million things to do and this is one of them, I had to pick my 3 favourite bloggers which was kind of difficult considering the number of blogs I follow!
In the end I chose the 3 following bloggers.


 I SPY DIY is one of the first blogs I followed and is of course a DIY blog. The blog is owned by Jenni Radosevich, she works at a fashion magazine in Manhattan. I love reading her blog to find inspiration or just for a fun read, her blog is very bright and attractive and all of her DIY's are very original and she puts her own twist on things she makes instead of just repeating what hundreds of other people have done, which is why I love her blog so much. 

XiaXue is another blogger that I frequently read, She is a Singaporean full time blogger and presenter(I guess you could say) she has her own show on Clicknetwork.tv called Xiaxue's guide to life.
Her blog is actually a life style blog however she does have some fashion post. Her writing style is very opinionated and comical shes not afraid to say what she thinks and look how she wants to look which is why she is very inspiring (I also love her hair, clothing and make up style!) her blog also has alot of blog advertorials and is great for reviews on asian products and brands!

The final blogger in my top 3 is Ashley Dy her blog is called Candy Kawaii Lover(I love her blog name!) she is a Japanese street style photographer and style blogger.
Her style isn't very specific however shes not afraid to mix it up, I love her pictures as they are usually set in front of a beautiful background.
Its also nice to see a change from stereo typical extravagant Japanese fashionistas, she still has that kind of style yet its quite toned down compared to Harajuku and Hime styles.

Thanks for reading!! Who are your favourite bloggers??
Jenny xxx


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Minty Obsessions

Before summer started I found this dress on Cute Japanese Fashion but for £11 and postage I decided it would be cheaper to make one.
All together I think this cost me around £7 to make baring in mind I skimped on fabric and made it slightly more fitted.
This took me a while to make as it was mostly experimental and guesstimating, I also used french seams as I used sheer fabrics.

This is how the dress turned out, in the middle of this project I was really worried however after I finished I really liked the outcome. I think I look kind of strange in these pictures, maybe its because I'm waring 0 make-up.

These are the nails I painted to match my dress, I'm in love with coloured french tips at the moment and one of my friends actually thought I had them done at a nail salon!

Thanks for reading! what do you think of my dress and my nails??
Jenny xxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

White Strawberries!!!!

Last week I found out about a white strawberry!!! This fruit is called Pineberry its white with red seeds, its a mix of strawberry and pineapple.
I has the exterior of a strawberry but tastes like a pineaplle! They look so much prettier than normal strawberries!

Have you ever tried or even heard of Pineberries??
Jenny xxx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sawasdee Ka, Table for two?

Sorry for my lack of post over the past few weeks, however I have good reasons. I recently started working part time at a Thai restaurant.
 It may seem kind of cliche working there as I am half Thai, but why not? Its just another way of embracing my heritage.
I thought that my uniform was pretty interesting so I wanted to share it with you guys!
The two colours that I wear very bright and fruity!

Sorry for the bad pictures from my murky mirror (it refuses to clean!!) These are the two uniforms I have the skirt is actually the same, it just looks a funky colour on the right.

I also got a manicure from my mums friend who works there whilst it was quiet ^_^
It sounds like well be getting a new uniforms soon so I'll be sure to post pictures if and when we get them.
Thanks for reading!! I hope you liked this post :)
Do you like Thai food??
Jenny xxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

A trip to Manchester

The other week I took a trip to Manchester to take a look at some museums for my holiday homework.
First we went to the Whitworth Art Gallery

And then we went to the Manchester museum


"In Japanese culture there is a legend that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted their wish.

Sadako Sasaki was two years old when she was a victim of the Hiroshima bomb, in 1945. She developed leukaemia, probably as a result of the bomb, and died in 1955. Sadako folded 1000 Origami paper cranes before she died because of the legend about wishes being granted.

There is a book about Sadako's story called 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes'.

Paper cranes are an international symbol of peace."

After that we went to MOSI - Museum Of Science & Industry and took a look at the Textiles Gallery

This is a jacket made of dandelion seeds ( or fairies as I know them) probably the most delicate thing I've ever seen!

Finally we went to the Air & Space gallery

Really wanted to go on the simulator! :(
Thanks for reading!
Will you be folding a thousand paper cranes??
Jenny xxx

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