Thursday, 10 January 2013

Inspiration: Jeremy Scott

This week we have started looking at ideas for our final collection, one of the things I have decided to look at is KPop(korean pop) fashion. One of the most unique and edgy bands I follow are 2NE1, I decided to look at the designer Jeremy Scott who designed for their world tour 'New Evolution' 

2ne1 have been wearing Jeremy Scotts garments since their debut. Thy also collaborated together and created Adidas originals Jeremy Scott x 2ne1 JS wings. 

Above is his phone dial sweater worn by CL in their 'Please Don't Go' performance, I have an irritating need to DIY this!!

 Although some of his collections are sports wear I really like how he has used bright colours and eye catching prints on his garments. I especially love the Keyboard print. 

I also like how he incorporates cartoons in his collections. 

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of Jeremy Scott??

Jenny xxx 

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