Monday, 11 March 2013

Melt You Down Like Ice Cream!

(I do plan on illustrating this image eventually ^^)
I am also using ice cream as a big inspiration for my final collection from researching into Hyuna's song 'Ice Cream' I really love the shapes and colours of ice cream and sundaes so I am going to incorporate this as much as I can in some of my designs.
Ice Cream
Check out her music video for 'Ice cream' from her album 'Melting'
(And yes she is the girl from Gangnam Style)
I also just bought 2 ice cream shaped bubble blowers from the pound centre in town, which I plan on having 2 of my models walk down the catwalk with. I am too entertained by these!!

After I bought these it reminded me of Hyuna's video 'Bubble Pop' me and my friend really love this song!! Check it out below!
Thanks for reading!! Do you like Hyuna??
Jenny xxx

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