Monday, 29 August 2011


Hey everyone, in case google translate isn't working then the title should translate to eyelashes. I ordered some false eyelashes from an online shop called MYKAWAIIBOX (, about two weeks ago and they arrived in just under two weeks.

I bought a set with 6 pairs of eyelashes for US$10 - GBP£6.09 (A pair of eyelashes from superdrug around £5)

It arrived in pretty good packaging and they were all in great condition, I'm guessing there are different sets and i got the blue set.

Picture of Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes - No.1 Dolly Sweet (2 Pairs)

Asian lashes are great compared to you regular drugstore lashes as they are made from sterilized 100% human hair, I know it sounds kind of creepy but it just means than there not as irritating on your eyes and there super flexible and will easily adjust to your eye shape, I did have my heart set on getting some dolly wink lashes, designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka but there about $10 for 2 pairs, maybe for my birthday.

You guys will definitely be seeing me wearing these in my future posts, I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading, tell me what you think! 
                     Jenny xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How About a Haul?

Its been a while since my last post and since I havent been doing much, the most movement that ive done in the past week was going shopping.

I wasnt sure just what to post about and I dont know if people do many hauls on blogs, but for a change I decided why not. As its been a while I've been shopping in Warrington, Chester and Northwich town.

Set of make-up brushes - claires £5

Red top - Primark £4
Lola Bunnt top - Primark £5.60
Star Blouse - Primark £7.60

As you can probabily tell im not a big spender (unless some one else is paying)

I was looking for a new pair of jeans as autumn is coming soon, unfortunately every were is to expensive now and although primark had some for £6 they were all skinny jeans -.-  

 I love making and adjusting my own clothes so every time I get the chance when im in chester I like  visit Abakhan Fabrics ( theres usually better fabrics in the shop.

Lace printed and floral printed georgette where £12.50 per kilo (I think) these came to £2.45 - i got these cheaper because the lady couldnt find the price on the chart so she put it as £8 something.

Grey nitt - £1.50 (£3 a meter)

I've also decided to try making my own charms and beads so I got DAS air dry clay from Ryman - £2.75 

If your panning on buying this then beware its kind of messy and has a funky smell so if your a first time user then take my advice and only use this on a NON- stick surface, or do what i did and put some cling film down (it does the job well enough)

I hope you liked this blog and thanks of reading, please feel free to leave a comment.

                               Jenny xxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lace Nails

Hey every one just a short post today.

So I decided to paint my nails because I was bored, which wasn't really a good Idea because I had no patience what so ever so its a bit smudged :3 oh well, i decided to share these with you because they turned out so cute.

I've seen hundreds of YouTube tutorials for lace nails and i didn't really like some of them as they were to busy and i wasn't about to stick some lace to my nails, so i did some simple ones.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you like my nails. Please leave a comment below and if you would like me to make a nail tutorial feel free to make a request.
                                 Jenny xxx

Monday, 8 August 2011

DIY Bows

So last week I said I was going to make a tutorial on how to make your own bows, so here it is there are lots of different ways to make a bow but i find this way makes the best looking bows, or if you cant be bothered then just cut out a long stip of fabric and tie a bow

Step 1
Cut out a rectangle of fabric, this can be any size you want just make sure it is DOUBLE the size you want you bow to be.
i find that if you work with a 2:1 ratio the bow comes out a better shape, but you can just guesstimate.

Step 2
Fold in half long ways right side IN and sew along the top, it doesn't have to be neat.

Step 3

Turn the fabric inside out, move the seam to the middle, fold in half again and sew the sides again this doesn't have to be neat as it will be hidden.

Step 4
 Move the seam to the middle and fold in half.

Fold the top piece back and do the same with the bottom so it looks like the picture on the right and sew a couple of stitches down the middle to secure the bow.

Step 5

Repeat step one and two using a smaller strip of material for the middle.

Step 6

You don't have to do this for your bow but I find its easier, I usually wrap the strip around the middle of the bow (seam facing out) and sew as close as you can with out sewing the actual bow and cut the access.
You can also repeat set three with this and slip the bow through the whole.
If you want to add a bobble or headband then slip this in before sewing.
And now you have a pretty little bow!!

Step 7

Put it on make strange faces and take pictures

I hope you liked this tutorial, thanks for reading.
If you tried this out be sure to let me know how it goes.

Jenny xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Girl With A Pretty little Bow

Bows are great for hair accessories and clothes. Celebrities from all around the world, such as Katy Perry rihhana , Tsubasa Masuwaka and Bow (kiss me five) like to spice up their hair with a bow weather its bigger than your head or as small as your thumb.

Sometimes bows can be expensive to buy and when you do buy them they sometimes fray or fall apart, I've been so bored I stared making loads of bows and there so easy to make, you can add beads, thin ribbon and pretty much anything you want to make them fit in with your own personal style, so In a couple of days I will be making a tutorial on how to make your own bows.

You can add bows on pretty much anything including phone and bag charms, rings, jewellry, hair accessoried, clothes and more!

These are some examlpes of some of the bows I have made, it just shows how many looks you can create with these, you can even make them match your outfit.

I hope you like this blog, tell me what you think about these.

Thanks for reading xxx
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