Friday, 15 March 2013

Toiling My Lantern Skirt

The other week I started toiling my Lantern Skirt, I first drew a horizontal straight line and then a vertical line at a 90C angle to the first line.  as I am going to have 8 panels to create the ball shape, I have to divide each measurement into 8. I then took an 8th of my waist measurement and marked it evenly across the top line where the line crosses.

I then measured how long I wanted the skirt and added a little extra as it will poof out and marked the bottom line down from the waist line, I then drew a line half way down. After I had the grid I measured how wide I wanted the half way point, divided by 8 and then marked the points on the line, I the did the same with the hem. After that I drew a curved line connecting the waist line measurements and the same for the hem. I then drew a curved line on each side making sure it passed through the middle measurements. 

I then added a 1cm seam allowance all the way round, and then cut out the pattern. I then folded the fabric so there was 4 layers and cut out 8 pieces. 

After I cut out the pattern I realised that it was far too wide so I trimmed 4cm off each side. Remembering to keep the same curve. 

 After I had my pattern pieces I sewed them all together at the sides and then sewed half way up the back seam for  a zip, It will look much better with netting underneath to bag it out. I thought the skirt looked too long so I took off Around 10cm off the hem off the pattern. 

And that was the finished toile, unfortunately I didn't take pictures of every step but I did recreate my pattern on Illustrator which is the first image. 

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my first toile?? 

Jenny xxx

Design Boards

Here are my final design boards, I drew the figures based on Anime characters as it fitted well with my research.

I think my favourite outfit is the top left as I love PacMan!!

I will only actually be making 4 of these outfits, the top 3 and the bottom middle.

Thanks for reading which is your favourite outfit??

Jenny xxx 

Specking My Specs

For my collection  I have to create spec drawings for each garment using Adobe Illustrator. 

Here is my spec drawing on my whipped cream top, Im still not sure exactly how Im going to make this. 0.0 

This is my Lantern skirt which I have already toiled for. 

Here is my PacMan skirt my favourite piece!!  

This is the tutu dress, I will admit I am quite proud of the hem of the skirt!

This spec drawing is my bow dress 

The final spec drawing is of my Asymmetric shirt.

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my specs??

Jenny xxx

Filming Films

One of my tasks is to create a film to present my theme. The story behind my films is basically battle of the bands, as I looked into kpop I found this would be a good idea to use to portray my concept.
The story that I have thought of is a battle of the kpop bands each trying to out do each other with good old PSY as the judge!!
My video is a mash up of a few music videos I have chosen including the end of gangnam style, I apologise but I just had to put the dancing man in the lift in!!

Videos used - Hyuna 'Icecream', SNSD 'I got a boy', G-dragon 'Crayon', T-ara 'Sexy Love', F(x) 'Danger', PSY 'Gangnam Style', Shinee 'Dream Girl', F(x) 'Electric Shock'.

Thanks for reading!! What do u think of the mashup??
Jenny xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lego Jewellery?

As I've been researching into Lego I found it really cool how people like to make jewellery out of it so I decided to make a bracelet out of the Lego I recently bought.
I went to the art building and my tutor helped (by helped I mean did it for me) me drill some holes into the Lego so I could thread some elastic through
 I used some shirring thread instead of beading wire as I already had the thread and a reel of wire costs about £3
 I then threaded the Lego through and added a 2 beads in between each piece, these were given to me by the manager at the restaurant I worked at. I really like how these beads look quite holographic.
After I got the bracelet to the right length I then tied the elastic at each end.
Here is the finished bracelet, I will be getting one of my models to wear this for the fashion show.

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my bracelet??
Jenny xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Melt You Down Like Ice Cream!

(I do plan on illustrating this image eventually ^^)
I am also using ice cream as a big inspiration for my final collection from researching into Hyuna's song 'Ice Cream' I really love the shapes and colours of ice cream and sundaes so I am going to incorporate this as much as I can in some of my designs.
Ice Cream
Check out her music video for 'Ice cream' from her album 'Melting'
(And yes she is the girl from Gangnam Style)
I also just bought 2 ice cream shaped bubble blowers from the pound centre in town, which I plan on having 2 of my models walk down the catwalk with. I am too entertained by these!!

After I bought these it reminded me of Hyuna's video 'Bubble Pop' me and my friend really love this song!! Check it out below!
Thanks for reading!! Do you like Hyuna??
Jenny xxx

Shape Development

The other week I did some shape development using things in my sketchbook to inform my shapes.
I looked at pacman so I decided to cut a pacman ghost chain, here are some of the shapes I came up with

I then looked into ice cream and used some of the shapes on the stand.

I also added in a few bows because its me! ^.^

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my shape development??
Jenny xxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013


As part of my sketch book work I have looked into lego, I really like how people make jewellery and other cool accessories out of it. For ages we could not find a small pack of lego bricks however we happily stumbled accross the lego shop in manchester!!

These are some cool findings we found in one of the pots, we actually still have no idea what on earth they are for so if any one knows please let me know!!!

 Here is the pond jess didnt finish making, unfortunatelly i broke it before she had the chance!

Here are some of the other pieces I got including some flowers and a mix of bricks.

I am In love and amazed by these Dee & Ricky pac man ghost broaches and I really have to make these as accessories for my FMP!! 
 These PacMan Broaches retail for around $85, Im hoping that I could easily DIY this the hard part will be finding some pink lego!!!
Dee & Ricky Pac Man Pins

Thanks for reading!!

Jenny xxx

Sketchbook Work

Ive currently been slowly progressing with my sketch book, I have been looking into kpop music videos and what aspects are put together to create the whole crazy and exciting look of kpop stars and Japanese fashion. 

Here are some of the first pages from my sketchbook

I started by looking into snsd's music video for I got a boy. 

I really liked the wall paper theme they used so I went to B&Q and got some wallpaper samples and did some shape development. 

I then thought toys were a big part of creating the kpop/Japanese decora look so I looked into pac man as I thought as a retro video game this was quite a big influence and a very popular game even still. 

I then looked into lego as I thought this could be a huge inspiration I love the colours and how geographically cool they look. 

Here I tried creating a lego print using a circle of card and printing the paint onto a page. I love the effect of lego and unfortunately I am becoming lego obsessed!! 

Thanks for reading!! I will soon post more images of my book!

Jenny xxx

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