Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I like short shorts!

So here are the pictures of my finished shorts, hopefully I will be able to get them photographed in the studio sometime.
I finally pretty much ready to hand in this brief which will be a big weight lifted off my shoulders!

Jess just had to try them on and play around!
Thanks for reading!! what do you think of my shorts??
Jenny xxx

Finishing off My skorts!

The other week I finished making my shorts and now Ive finally had time to blog the outcome!
Here I'm just going to share some images of the process of making these shorts.
Here are the final fabrics I used to make my shorts:

Here I pretty much made two pairs of shorts and sewed the together at the centre front before I sewed the zip in.

Here are the shorts on Jess.

I will post pictures of  the final shorts tomorrow!! thanks for reading what do you think of my shorts?
Jenny xxx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Golden Ratio!

The Golden ratio is a number equal to 1.618, researching the golden ratio scrambled my head a little as finding the right definition or trying to understand exactly what it is can be quite daunting.
But basically my understanding of the golden ratio is that if a shape or proportion is within the golden ratio then it will look better than if it isn't. 
According to scientist the face of Mona Lisa is in perfect proportion to the golden ratio. 

Scientist believe that the golden ratio has always been formed naturally by nature, I feel that one of the most clear and beautiful ways nature shows this is through the seeds of plants by the way that they arrange them selves. 

Do u know anything about the golden ratio??

Jenny xxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DIY Deco Phone Case!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I bought a DIY Deco Den Phone case kit From an etsy shop called Lolli Sweets which only cost £10.93 in total!!
To buy a case like this it could cost at least £20!!
The kit came with loads of deco parts and different sizes and colours of rhinestones and pearls (the phone case and glue was not included) 
Th kit s actually put together for an iphone case so I had plenty spare to use on something else or even another phone case!!

Here is the case i made, I only used my favourite pieces as they wouldn't all fit on my phone!

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my phone case??
Would you try this??
Jenny xxx

Trouser Toile

In one of our briefs we have to design and make a pair of innovative trousers/shorts to wear to London fashion week(if your going)
Unfortunately I'm not going with the college so I wont be wearing them to London but I can stare at them!
Here is my shorts design :
My design is basically a pair of lace shorts(with lining) underneath a circle skirt which are both attached to a waist band.
 Here are my patterns:

 (waist band)

(Circle skirt)
Here's how the skirt looked after I cut it out, I made sure I folded the fabric twice to leave a full circle of fabric

I then made the shorts as I usually would and then attached a centred zip at the centre front

Seeing as the waist on the skirt was to big I decied to gather it to see what the outcome would be like
 I then attached the shorts and the skirt to the waist band.

here are the finnished shorts on Jess, we decided not to gather the skirt in the final fabric and make the waist smaller.

(this is how we entertain ourselves!)

(we dont normally dress like cats!)

 Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my toile!?
Jenny xxx

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