Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trick or Treat!

So seeing as its Halloween we were told to either dress up and pay £1 or don't dress up and pay £2
There was 3 people in our class who dressed up including me!!
But at least we had some fun, however we refused to leave our building!!!

Me and Jess decided to go as cats as I had already made the ears! And Hanna came in a child's skeleton onsie!
 I also made the skirt I wore ( I will be doing a separate post on this soon)

 2 cats and a skeleton!
Kitty love! We got told our ears look quite manga like, so there you go Manga Cats for Halloween!
Thanks for reading!! What did you dress up as for Halloween??
 Check out Jess and Hanna's blogs!
Jenny xxx
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Eco Freak

Lately we have been researching Eco fashion designer one of my favourites is Mark Liu, his ambition is to cut the waste out of fashion.
He calls this "Zero Waste Fashion" and was inspired by inspired by seeing that 15% of all fabrics going to waste. "Wasted material is a loss of profits and bad for the environment."
He has developed his own cutting technique by cutting out pattern pieces like a jigsaw puzzle from a single piece of fabric.
Thanks for reading!! Have you heard of Mark Liu??
Jenny xxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sewing Sample's

So again this year we have had to sew samples for our pattern cutting brief!
This year we've learnt some new techniques, I will keep updating this post when I sew new samples.

Pointed Seams. These were quite easy to sew and came out well.

Curved seams, these were also easy to ensure the seams were smooth I cut notches to help the fabric curve.

Bias binding(left, right) these were quite easy to sew as I have done them before however the satin bias was quite slippy. Jean seam(centre) this was simple to sew as I have done this in the previous year.

Concealed Zip, I learnt a new way to finish the end of a concealed zip and found it a lot simpler to sew it this way however the top threads came a bit loose.

Inserting a circle, I found this quite fidily as it was quite difficult to fit the circle in.

Jean seam

Bias binding on a curved seam, I found these quite easy to sew however it was it bit tricky tyring to keep the fabric and the binding straight.

Thanks for reading!!

Jenny xxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

I love LolliSweets!!

LilliSweets is an amazing Etsy shop I descovered a fiew months ago, its sells DIY accessory supplies, DIY decoden packs, colorful cabochons, hand-crafted cell phone charms, and many other amazing things for amazing prices!!
A while ago I purchased a DIY deco den pack when I got my new phone, The package came exactly on time and the quality of the rhinestones and othere components is amazing! much better than the 99p garden centre ones I bought for my compact case. Well worth the money!!
Ill deffiately be going back next time I get a new phone or find something I want to bling!
Here are some items im in love with!
Daisy Decoden Flower Kit Set Cabochon for Phone Case DIY
Bling 3mm Green AB Jelly Rhinestones 600 pcs Acrylic Flat back for Phone Case DIY
Pink CC Logo with Camellia Bling Rhinestones Monogram Cabochon Flatback
Golden CC Designer Logo with Pearl Deco Monogram Cabochon Flatback 1 Pieces
Golden Angel Wings Alloy with Rhinestones Flatback Deco Cabochon 1 pair
(All images from LolliSweets I was not sponsored or payed to do this post, I bought the deco kit with my own money)
As soon as I finish my phone case I will do a post on that!
Thanks for reading!! What do you think of LolliSweets??
Jenny xxx
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