Friday, 28 October 2011

Zip Me Up!

Today's post is about my last pattern cutting lesson, I know it was about two weeks ago but I've had so much work I had to hold it back until now I'll update on that soon.

So in our last lesson we sewed zips to two pieces of fabric; I got excited about pattern cutting, like I do every lesson but this time the spoon head inside me came out and I made a few silly mistakes.

(sorry about the pictures, my camera isn't all that good and I litterally had to take them in pitch black for the stiches to show)

The first zip we made was a centred zip. You will see centred zips on things like the side of your skirt. The mistake I made on this one was at the very beginning.

Incase you cant tell I sewed the zip on backwards, unfortunately I didn't realise until I had almost finished so it was too late to go back. I may have to go back and do this again but for now I have annotated my mistake.

The second zip was a lapped zip. Me and my teacher were very pleased with how neat and straight I sewed the top line. However I didn't catch one of the layers, as you can see in the picture on the right, so I had to do it again, and I will  finish it next Thursday. next time we will also be sewing invisible zips (not actually invisible).

Thanks for reading this post I hope you liked it, any of you worked with zips before? and how did it go for you?


chibi ohimesama said...

Seeing this post reminds me of my first zippers!
How did the invisible one go? I actually think those are easier then normal zippers.

Also, reading this post makes my finger itch to start sewing again~!

Chibiohimesama said...

Always following
come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
The Dolls Factory

Jenny said...

@ chibi, the invisible one went great it was my best sample by far!

im glad this makes you want to start sewing again! ^.^

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