Monday, 19 November 2012

Golden Ratio!

The Golden ratio is a number equal to 1.618, researching the golden ratio scrambled my head a little as finding the right definition or trying to understand exactly what it is can be quite daunting.
But basically my understanding of the golden ratio is that if a shape or proportion is within the golden ratio then it will look better than if it isn't. 
According to scientist the face of Mona Lisa is in perfect proportion to the golden ratio. 

Scientist believe that the golden ratio has always been formed naturally by nature, I feel that one of the most clear and beautiful ways nature shows this is through the seeds of plants by the way that they arrange them selves. 

Do u know anything about the golden ratio??

Jenny xxx

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Anonymous said...

I am currently doing a research paper on it for the University of Leicester, as part of a Pre-University scheme. I can release it to you on about the 5th of November 2013. If you have any queries, message me directly at

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