Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Melting Colours!

Recently I have been looking into K-pop music videos as part of my research for my theme, one of the music videos I have looked at is G-Dragon's 'Crayon'
Seeing as the music video and song was inspired by crayons I decided to do a small scale melted crayon page in my book using crayola crayons.
I started by gluing down the crayons in rainbow order to my page, then layed out newspaper to protect the floor and everything in my way. Then on the highest heat setting I slowly melted the bottom of the crayons and allowed it to drip.

All in all this was quite easy and I'm happy with the outcome, I am going to take the colours and perhaps the drip shapes into consideration when I am designing.
This was a great way to take my mind off the stress of college work whilst doing work as I am amazed by the silliest things!
Thanks for reading!! Check out G-D's MV Crayon it may grow on you!
Jenny xxx

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