Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Keiich Muramatsu, Noriko Seki Fashion Taster Day

Hi this is my very first blog. I had two taster days in my fashion course, I didn't know anyone so yes I was petrified but every one was really nice. 
One of the tasks was to research a fashion designer that we didn't know about, as I have always loved Asia and Asian things so I decided to research some Asian designers that inspired me. My favourite was Keiich Muramatsu and Noriko Seiki.

Keiich Muramatsu and Noriko Seiki are two fashion designers from Tokyo.

They work together in their work which is what I liked about them, they inspired me mostly because they specialise in knitted garments and have created knitted garments that have floral shapes and patterns. 

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