Saturday, 9 July 2011

Prom 2011 part 1

My prom was on Friday, we spent most of the day getting ready and my hair's still curly.

This is charis and her sister, she wore that dress the whole time we were there.

Me and six of my friends went a silvery gold limo they gave us champagne but i didn't have any because I'm a wuss and i didn't want people to see me spit it out, which is what i would have done.

 This one is Ayesha she's one of my best friends, when we arrived she went and fell over on her way out of the limo, unfortunately for her the drivers opened both of the doors just so that every one could see her fall (haha she's so funny.)

This wasn't her lucky night, as soon as we sat down one of my other friends spilt her drink on Ayesha's dress then Charis threw a crisp covered in ketchup on her.
She also found a rip in her dress from when she fell over and got it a little muddy when she was looking for her bracelet in the rain which we found in the car.
Poor Ayesha, she had a good time dancing.

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