Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Girl With A Pretty little Bow

Bows are great for hair accessories and clothes. Celebrities from all around the world, such as Katy Perry rihhana , Tsubasa Masuwaka and Bow (kiss me five) like to spice up their hair with a bow weather its bigger than your head or as small as your thumb.

Sometimes bows can be expensive to buy and when you do buy them they sometimes fray or fall apart, I've been so bored I stared making loads of bows and there so easy to make, you can add beads, thin ribbon and pretty much anything you want to make them fit in with your own personal style, so In a couple of days I will be making a tutorial on how to make your own bows.

You can add bows on pretty much anything including phone and bag charms, rings, jewellry, hair accessoried, clothes and more!

These are some examlpes of some of the bows I have made, it just shows how many looks you can create with these, you can even make them match your outfit.

I hope you like this blog, tell me what you think about these.

Thanks for reading xxx


Whitney said...

Pretty bows, I love them :)

Jenny said...

Thanks i almost glued my fingers together making the phone charm but i guess it was worth it :)

Cris said...

Oh dear, how talented you are!!! it is so amazing! i wish I could do the same!!!


JessicaElaine. said...

I absolutely love this! I love bows and I love your phone charm! It's even prettier in person! ;D <3

Ajrina said...

i love this!

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