Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mid-Cheshire Fashion Show 2012 ED collections

The last two nights have been very busy and hectic especially last night as we've had the fashion show 2 nights in a row and last night we were dressing the models.

Thursday we got to watch the show and I must have taken around 200+ photos!

So here are some of the images I may split this into a few posts or just post the ED collections(With the designers names above them) and just my favourite foundation pieces.

Sorry if this is a really long post! Some images may not be there but if you know what its like photographing a fashion show then you will know its very hard to take a decent picture of some one walking faster than the speed of light!

Extended Diploma Yr 1

 Beth Quinn

 Lauren Marshal

Jessica Elaine Morris

Bobbie Hudson

Jennifer Darlington(Me!)

Alicia Robinson

Hanna-Lou Gregory-Crowther

Kelly Newton

Holly Fishwick

Ashley Lamptey

Sophie Rowland

Nicole Farrelly

Extended Diploma Yr 2

Aaron Neri

Olivia Mullin

Laura Hughes

Karthryn Crank

Alex Maydew

Emily Jackson

Libby Hill

Good old hanna-lou waving the union jack ^^
You may notice some of them are holding Beer and fags

Siri Pharacharoen

Thanks for reading!! Which garment or collection is your gavourite??

Jenny xxx

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