Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hello Kitty Girl!

Hello Kitty has finally become very popular out side of Asia and hello kitty is not just for kids!!
Although I did own a pair of hello kitty sandals when I was young ^^

I first saw 'Bubz Beauty' wearing a pair of hello kitty glasses frames so I went on a search to find some!!
I was ecstatic when I found them here on Ebay for only 99p!!!!

For that price I bought 2 pairs as I couldn't decide which colour I wanted so I got both the a white and the black.

I also bought a clip on fringe/bangs, can you tell its fake??

For 99p the quality is great, I really wish I bought the black pair with a pink bow!!

Which colour do you perfer??

Jenny xxx


Mik said...

aww you look so cute, I can't pick one!!


JA*DEN said...

yeah, really cute! and the bangs look nice, i also wanted to buy some, but i change my hair color very often so it won't work hehe

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