Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo Fashion is an online magazine about the street style and trends in Tokyo, Japan.

Ive been reading their articles for some time now, I really want to use some form of Japanese trend as my theme for next years fashion show and this website has really helped to inspire me.

Here are some of my favourite images and styles from Tokyo Fashion:

I really want her hair!!!

The Hime Gyaru trend is really starting to fade in Tokyo and lolita styles are much more popular, Ive also noticed bright colours and patterns becoming popular just like Korean styles.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of Japanese trends??

Jenny xxx


Pearl said...

Gosh Jenny, you certainly like the more eccentric trends xD

In fact, I'll admit that I am quite a fan of them myself~

They're just visually interesting, you know? ^^

Jenny said...

Haha yeah!! Im like a baby, attracted to bright colours and shiny things!! ^^

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