Thursday, 4 July 2013

Im Freee!!!

So this post is quite late, I apologise! However I have finally finished college forever and am enjoying my freedom, until September when I start uni.
I thought I would post the pictures of my final garments on the catwalk so you could see them, over all I'm really happy with my collection and I actually really like what I have made this year!!
On the cat walk:


Back stage:



I think my favourite outfits were the purple dress and pacman but I love them all and I'm really proud of what I have achieved this year!! I made everything in my collection apart from the footwear, wrist warmers and the pink bunny ears and the sweat hat which was made by our lovely teaching assistant Trish!
And thank you to my beautiful models for modelling!!

Here are my friends that came to watch, thanks for coming guys!!!

And to conclude this post here's Jess in Trisha's hat, overall Ive enjoyed the college experience and made some great friends and I'm proud that I have finished the course with what I think my grades where DDD* which I'm extremely happy with as I was predicted MMM,
In your face predicted results!!
My mums friends daughter is also joining the course next year so that will be interesting look out Nic and Bruce another Asian kid!
Thanks for reading!!
What do you think of my final collection??
This summer I'm going to be making a lot of clothes, I already made 4 from my list so I will be posting those as I make them and Ill also have a holiday to Thailand to share with you guys!!!
What are you all doing this summer??
Jenny xxx

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