Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"To me, simplicity is the death of the soul"

Norman Hartnell
This quote is from Norman Hartnell, 1901 - 1975. I started college in my fashion course this week, for holiday homework we had  to research 8 designers and to draw from their work and annotate our work in an A4 sketch book. 
The designers we were given were:
Mariano Fortuny
Norman Hartnell
Elsa Schiaparelli
Coco Chanel
Bill Gibb
Rudi Gernreich
Martin Margiela
Gareth Pugh

The reason that I'm not posting about any of the other designers is that, you hear about Chanel and other designers on pretty much a daily basis from adverts and magazines, I chose Norman Hartnell because his garments are so different and beautiful, compared to many other designers his work was very classical and very feminine. He created dresses for princess Elizabeth and Margret and he's most famous for the coronation dress of Queen Elizabeth ||.
The picture on the left is from his website          htt://www.normanhartnell.com/

 Normans dresses are simple in the design how ever their detail is very complex which is what makes his garments so unique and individual. As most of his garments were for the royal family and celebrities they had to be elegant and glamorous. 

You can take a close up look on may of the dresses and jewellery that the Queen wore made by Norman Hartnell and many other designers at http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/microsites/dressfortheoccasion/default.asp 
the website tells you when and were she wore the garments and who they were designed by. 
If you take a close up look then you ca truly see how much detail is in these dresses and you can see pretty much each individual embellishment.

This is a sketch of Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress by Norman Harnell, this is just a sketch but you can see how much effort and time he must have put in to this sketch, I wish I could draw like this!

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Jenny xxx 

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