Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

I thought I would do a valentine's themed post today as its valentine's day,  Secret life of a bio nerd has just posted a tutorial on how to make nylon flowers. There a great alternative to real flowers if like me you have hayfever, they look just as beautiful and last all year round.

I first saw my mums friends making these for a Thai restaurant when I was little and I've wanted to make these for years now but I've never had the supplies to make them, but I have finally found some floral tape and as soon as I can find my tights and some cheap dye I am going to make these asap!!

The women at the restaurant always used to make beautiful bouquets of Lilly's or orchids but I really want to make some pink roses!

Thanks for reading I hope you all had a great valentine's day!!

What did you do for valentines day??

What do you guys think of my new blog header?? I can't decide weather or not I like it, I'm quite tempted to change it again!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Jenny xxx


British Birdie... said...

Hey honeypie!!

I have awarded you with 2 blog awards, look on my blog!

Love you!!


Somsi said...

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