Wednesday, 1 February 2012

All Studded Out

Studded shorts have become very popular and ever since I first saw them I knew I wanted a pair but I definitely wasn't willing to buy a pair as they can be very expensive.

When I started college I met Hanna-Lou :British Birdie, she has a very vintage style and she gets most of her clothes and jewellery from charity and vintage shops. She has inspired me to DIY more my clothes and she has tought me that charity shops aren't just of older people.

Hanna took me charity shop shopping (thrifting) for a pair of high waisted shorts/jeans but as our town isn't very reliable none of them were in my size!

In the January sales I went to H&M and found a pair of high waisted shorts that fir me perfectly for £10, so I bough them while I had the chance and then cut them up. They aren't completely finished yet but I did finish studding the pocked, so I thought I would share the images before I finish.

I took the studs from an old pair of shoes I never wore, but I also bought 100 studs from ebay and got 100 for free as they sent them to the wrong address

It took me forever to stud this pocket because I am a perfectionist I tried to make every stud as straight as possible (harder than it looks!) I gave up after I ran out of big studs so I spread them out more towards the bottom of the pickets.

I really want a pair of cross shorts like Singapore blogger, Miyake Wong is wearing in the image on the left.

It seems a lot of Singaporean bloggers have these, I want to know where they get them from!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! What do you think of my studding??

What do you think of Miyake's shorts??

Jenny xxx


JA*DEN said...

Really cool stuff *-*
I think, i would be way to lazy to make something by myself (haha). and Miyake's are also very cool... maybe you also could make such shorts by youself. You could use paint, or sew it with textile- pieces :)


MrsLord said...

This is such a cute idea! I will have to try this when the weather gets warmer :)


Mik said...

YOu did a good job... maybe more studs???

LOVE Miyake's shorts, wondering if I drey crosses on my jeans shorts would they look that good?? hmmmm


british birdie said...

Awh thank you for the mention jenny! :) And you didnt tell me this today they look AMAIZNG!!!!!! please wear them on monday!? :) I still need some of these damn studs! ahah and also I was gonna do a DIY post of cross shorts! They are so easy to do. Get some black or leater/pvc material and use fabric glue to stick on teh shorts and then sew to make them secure.
I love your blog jennifer btw ;) MOUSTACHE NAILS WOO xxxxxxx

Flávia Cremonese Bernardy said...

Love this :O

Corner Curl Girl said...

I love all things shiny! This was a great blog post! Thank you for inviting me to read it! :)

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