Monday, 9 April 2012

Craft Fair At the NEC, Birmingham

The other weekend me and my friend Jess( Check out her blog )  went to a craft fair at the NEC in Birmingham, this post is a little late but this was the first big craft fair I've been to so I thought I would share some pictures and some of the stuff I bought.

Me and Jess on the left, I had a few (lest say funky) complements on the tights I wore from (lets say funky) men.

We started in the hobby crafts section however there wasn't much of great interest in there other than the origami and the cake decorating stalls so we headed to the sewing section.

There were loads of beads and different bead stalls

This dress was made from paper

These dresses were from Downton Abbey

Here are the things that I bought at the NEC, In the image above -
Fancy zip - £2
Round nose pliers - £4
Fat quarter(floral fabric) - £2
2 packs of bells!! (been looking for these for months) - 50p per pack

I also bought 3meters of fabric the blue fabric was £6.50 a meter and the other 2 were £5 a meter

And finally I bought some patterns, I bought this set as I've always wanted to make a Chinese dress so now when I have time I can!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you ever been to a craft fair??

Jenny xxx


Laura said...

lovely blog!
big hug!
Laura from

JessicaElaine. said...

You didn't put my sexy Peter Andre pic Ahha! Love the blog (: ps. the blue fabric was £6 (; <3

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