Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Some more Fashion Illustrators

For his brief I have had to look at more illustrators so that I can test more techniques to create my own illustrating style. 

Here are some of my favourite illustrators from the new ones I have found :

Max Gregor is one of my favourite Illustrator that I have researched the second time round, I really like the bright colours that he uses and how he mixes paint with pencil.

This Illustration is my favourite of his work, I definitely want to recreate this piece for college or just for  me!

Nadia Flower is also a favourite of mine, I really love the colours and shapes she uses 

 I haven't researched into Bec Winnel as I already have enough illustrators and to be honest I would be quite scared to even try to recreate her work as its so detailed and realistic, it would take me months to even try!

However I think that so far out of all the illustrators I have researched she is my all time favourite illustrator. 

You can Download a free poster of this illustration at the bottom of the page here, I definitely want one!!

All images are from Illustration web 

Thanks for reading! What do you think of these Illustrators?

Jenny xxx

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