Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kanzashi Flowers

Kanzashi Flowers are the hair ornaments that used in traditional Japanese hairstyles, I've already said in a previous post how I got to Geisha's Hair pieces in mu sketch book thread here.

I found that they have seasonal kanzashi flowers and different types of kanzashi such as the Bira-bira, Kogai, Kanoko Dome, Tsumami Kanzashi.

I had a go at making Tsumami Kanzashi which literally means 'folded fabric hair ornament'. Tsumami kanzashi are made from mall squares of silk which are folded into petals using origami techniques. These flowers can have anywhere from 5 to 75 petals, for these I only used 5 petals, I also used different fabrics for each flower to see which fabric works best, out of the fabrics I tried the Georgette worked best, I found that chiffon was way too light to hold its shape well and the lace I used was too rough and stiff.

The kanzashi that I made would be most likely be worn in April, these include soft pink cherry blossom (sakura) usually mixed with butterflies and bonbori lanterns, signalling the approach of summer.

Thanks for reading! What do you think about my Kanzashi flowers??

Jenny xxx


mariarw said...

Love it. I made some too. but not as beautiful as yours.

mariarw said...

I made some too. I love the colors and fabric. Mine are made from cotton fabric (like quilting Fabric)

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