Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sewing Sample's

So again this year we have had to sew samples for our pattern cutting brief!
This year we've learnt some new techniques, I will keep updating this post when I sew new samples.

Pointed Seams. These were quite easy to sew and came out well.

Curved seams, these were also easy to ensure the seams were smooth I cut notches to help the fabric curve.

Bias binding(left, right) these were quite easy to sew as I have done them before however the satin bias was quite slippy. Jean seam(centre) this was simple to sew as I have done this in the previous year.

Concealed Zip, I learnt a new way to finish the end of a concealed zip and found it a lot simpler to sew it this way however the top threads came a bit loose.

Inserting a circle, I found this quite fidily as it was quite difficult to fit the circle in.

Jean seam

Bias binding on a curved seam, I found these quite easy to sew however it was it bit tricky tyring to keep the fabric and the binding straight.

Thanks for reading!!

Jenny xxx

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chibi ohimesama said...


Looking at this post, I remember them time when I did this at school. Aah the good old days (it is already more then 5 years ago, after all).

Good luck!!! No matter what they say, always follow your own opinion!!

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