Saturday, 22 December 2012

My illustration boards set 1

These two were inspired by Stina Persson; I used water colours for these boards. To fit noirs colour scheme I stuck to minimal colours only using black and red. I tried to keep a similar style to my other boards but using a traditional media.
I did smudge part of one of my boards; if I was to complete these illustrations properly I would have photographed or scanned them onto the computer and touched them up using Photoshop to remove the smudges.
I think they are successful however I feel that the figures are a little too feminine for noir.
I am pleased with these boards however I don’t like the arrangement of the flowers on the board I smudged, I also felt a bit uneasy doing these boards as I was unsure what medias or techniques to use and I feel that my other boards were more successful.
This is the board that I smudged I'm quite a perfectionist so this smudge makes me very uneasy.

I am quite happy with this board and im pleased with the way it turned out.
Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my boards?
Jenny xxx

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