Saturday, 22 December 2012

My illustration boards set 2

Two of my boards were inspired by Jason Brooks, I used a similar technique to colour my illustrations. I tried to develop my style by adding the leaf brushes in the hair of my illustrations; originally I created ink splatter brushes on Photoshop however I didn’t like the look it created so I opted for the leaf brushes, I thought that this would also fit in with the sustainable aspect of my collection a they link through nature.
I think that they do meet the needs of noir however I feel that the models don’t quite fit with the company as they tend to use European models and I have used Asian models as I thought that this fit with my Asian trend. I think that my boards are success full and I like the outcome.
I feel that my style has developed over the two years and I feel more confident illustrating digitally. I think my Photoshop and illustrator skills have also improved however I feel that I was restricted to experiment more with my style as I illustrated my collection for noir, I couldn’t experiment with more colours.
I think I could improve these with experimenting with more poses and I think I should have experimented with more techniques.

In all I much prefer these boards to my other two, I'm not sure what it is but I feel much more confident with these and in general just like the look of these more.
Thanks for reading!! what do you think of my boards??
Jenny xxx

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