Friday, 25 November 2011

Berry Bow Nails

Last week (I think) I bought a Barry M nail paint 'Berry Icecream' I really love the colour and it compliments my skin really well. I've wanted to get the Berry Ice cream ever since I got the Strawberry Ice cream but at roughly £5 a bottle I wasn't all that willing, but thankfully the price went down to £2.99 *happy face*

As its me I don't just paint my nails, I decorate them and because I'm not left handed it took me about two hours to paint my nails, but I guess it was worth it. To decorate them I just used the wooden sticks you usually get in nail sets, white nail paint and the Strawberry Ice cream paint to add some colour.

Because of my stupid camera today was the first day it decided to take some decent pictures or my nails, there a little chipped and some of the pearls fell of, but they lasted a week of wear and tear.

Here are the pictures, please excuse my awful skin (due to eczema)
 Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked my nails as you can see my right hand is much better than my left. How do you guys normally paint your nails? any tips or questions, feel free to comment.

Jenny xxx

1 comment:

NikkiStar said...

These nails are too cute. Makes me feel bad for neglecting mine


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