Saturday, 28 January 2012

Moustache Nails!

Sorry it's been a while without any posts other than college, I've been really busy lately tyring to get all of my work done for our deadline but now that thats over I can relax for a couple of days so I decided to paint my nails.

I first saw these on a youtube thumblenail and thought they were pretty cool so I finally decided to try them out for my self.

I only took pictures of my left hand as my right hand looks kind of naff. 
I did these using a Rio nail art pen and it was very tricky to paint my right hand! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post.
What do you think of my nails??

Jenny xxx


nessy said...

It's pretty

Thank you for your comment on IFB I read your blog and am jaime much mine too Xoxo
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Stephanie L said...

SO CUTE!!!! Great handiwork :)

xo Stephanie
honey & silk blog
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MrsLord said...

I totally LOL'd when I saw this post - I love them! So cute!!!


CG said...

These are really cute!

xoxo, CG

Miss Lego said...

Lol, this I have never seen before. Sweet!

Mustache Wax said...

Wow these are awesome, were they hard to do?

Jenny said...

Thanks :) they were quite easy to do but they took for ever to dry properly!

Flávia Cremonese Bernardy said...

How cute :B

Madeleine said...

ADORE these!! soo cute! feel free to follow me at xx

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