Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Equality and Diversity Sketchbook

For my theme for my final dress I have chosen Gender from Equality and Diversity.
To begin with I have taken the most recognised symbol for gender and I turned it into a stencil. I also experimented with placing the stencils and used this as a design for a textiles sample(on right page)

On the next page I collage using stereotypical prints, textures and colours to show the difference of gender.
After this I went on to look at other symbols that can represent gender and I found that the 'Yin and Yang' sign is a very famous and popular one, I found that the white can represent women and the black men; I also found that the circle represents the world and that generally the 'yin and yang' represents two forces/objects that cannot function with out each other, This reminded me of men and women as with out each other there would be no children, therefore no people and no population on earth. 

I then went on to look at the femininity side of the 'yin and yang', this made me think of flowers as feminine is considered very delicate as are flowers. After that i thought about what can be used to represent femininity and I immediately thought of pearls(this also reminds me of grandmothers) as they can represent femininity and wealth.


When I was looking into pearls I found that freshwater pearls are some of the most popular pearls and that they were first sold as ornaments in Japan, this is when I started to look into Japanese hairpieces which then lead me to geisha's hairpieces called "Kanzashi"( more on this in the next post)
On the left is my shape development

Thanks for reading! I hope my book makes sense and I hope you like my drawings!

Jenny xxx

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