Friday, 9 March 2012

Manufacturing a Shirt

This week I just finished manufacturing a shirt apart from the buttons and button holes, her I am going to share with you how I manufactured my shirt.

First I placed and pinned my pattern pieces onto my fabric and then cut them out, I also cut out interfacing for my cuff, button stand, collar stand and collar.

I then ironed on my interfacing to the button stand and folded it over, I then top stitched over the button stand. (the image above is my button stands)

Next I sandwiched the back shirt piece to my yoke pieces and added a mini box pleat in the centre of the back piece sewed them together. Really the box pleat should have been sewed closer together but that's a lesson learnt for next time.

I then sewed my pocked by sewing both pocket pieces together(right sides together) and leaving a small gap in the stitching to tun the picket inside out, I then cut the seam allowance in half to reduce bulk and then bagged out the pocket and sewed the pocked onto the right front shirt piece over the chest area.
I then sewed my two front pieces to the back shoulder and over locked the edges.

I then ironed on the interfacing to the collar, placed them right sides together and sewed a 1.5cm seam allowance, then I cut the seam allowance in half to reduce bulk. After that I bagged out the collar and pressed it.
After I pressed the collar I sandwiched the collar between the two collar stands and stitched in place 1.5 seam allowance, I also cut notches to give the collar ease when sewing.

Then I started to attach the collar to the shirt pieces by sewing one side of the collar stand to the top of the yolk pieces and then I folded over the other side of the collar stand and top stitched to give a neat finish, I then ironed the collar and collar stand.

Next I worked on the sleeve vent, First I sliced up the sleeve vent on both sleeves and then cut 2 strips of bias binding, I then attached the wrong side of the fabric to the bias binding with a 1cm seam allowance, I cut the seam allowance in half and ironed the bias strip over for a neat finish and top stitched.

I then sewed the sleeves to the shirt by attaching them at the shoulder first and over locking the edges, I then sewed attached the front and back of the shirt by sewing under the sleeve and then sewing the sides together, after that I pressed and over locked.

next I ironed on the interfacing to my cuffs and folded over 1.5cm on the top edge of 2 cuff pieces, I then top stitched 1cm distance from the edge. After this I placed the top stitch side of the cuff to the other untouched side (right sides together) and i sewed 1.5cm seam allowance on the sides creating this shape[ so that there is a gap in the middle, I then cut the seam allowance in half and bagged them out.

 To sew the cuffs on I first ruffled the edges of the sleeves by sewing 2 stitch lines 1 under 1.5cm and 1 over 1.5cm seam allowance, I then Pulled the top threads and pulled the fabric down the thread to create ruffles.

I the sewed the longer side of the cuff too the sleeve 1.5cm seam allowance and then I pulled the top half over and tucked the ruffled edge in inside the cuff.

 After I tucked the ruffles in I top stitched over the edge to give a nice finish and the I unpicked the longer row of stitching used to create the ruffles. This was the last step I did as I couldn't sew the button holes.


This is the finished shirt without buttons, I feel that I did well making this shirt however it would have been nice to have finished it sooner as I found that I got irritated after taking so long. I'm really glad that I have learnt how to manufacture a shirt like this and now I definitely understand and appreciate how much hard work goes into manufacturing a shirt like this.

Here are some images of my friend Modelling the shirt and skirts that I have manufactured.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post was use full!
What do you think of my shirt??

Jenny xxx


Jannine said...

it came out great!! Congrats!
XO Jannine

Steve niklas said...

nice blog

reyah said...

wow, i like it! you did it great...and i imagining it with my pants.

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