Thursday, 15 March 2012

Strawberry Polka Dots

The other day I decided to take a break from my work and paint my nails whilst there all at the same length. I have painted strawberry nails before but they look much cuter in a baby pink than red, I definitely be trying this again.

On my thumb and ring finger I painted pink strawberries and the other 3 fingers i painted pink and blue polka dots, originally i was going to make these dots into roses but I liked them how they looked without.
For this I used BarryM nail polish and for the pink dots I used a cheap poundland polish (*Tip never but poundland nail polish worst polish I have ever used!)

Hello kitty strawberry squishy - This is such a cute accessory! X3

Thank for reading! I hope you like my nails!
^^Possible hint for my next nail designs ^_^

Jenny xxx

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