Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sketchbook Update

Here is an update on my sketchbook. I started by looking at two contrasting decades. 

I started by looking into roman clothing and the pleats an drapes of the fabric.

I also then looked into the delphos dress by Mariano Fortuny which is made up of pleated silk.

I then looked at georgian clothing and focused on embellishments such as bows.

for bows I looked at Victor and rolf's collection 'FlowerBomb'

I then went on to look at the structure of the Georgian garments and I looked at corsets and petticoats, when I was researching into corsets I found the woman with the thinnest waist in the world she called Cathie Jung she is over 70 years old, has a 15" waist and has spent  the last 25 years laced in tight corsets 

The edges of the petticoat reminded me of clouds so I started to look into them.

From clouds I thought of rain and the shapes of the willow tree leaves reminded me of the rain this also lead me back to the kanzashi shapes. 

Thanks for reading! I still have some annotation missing but al the research is done 

Jenny xxx

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