Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Three Favourite Fashion Bloggers

 I'm now back at college and already have a million things to do and this is one of them, I had to pick my 3 favourite bloggers which was kind of difficult considering the number of blogs I follow!
In the end I chose the 3 following bloggers.


 I SPY DIY is one of the first blogs I followed and is of course a DIY blog. The blog is owned by Jenni Radosevich, she works at a fashion magazine in Manhattan. I love reading her blog to find inspiration or just for a fun read, her blog is very bright and attractive and all of her DIY's are very original and she puts her own twist on things she makes instead of just repeating what hundreds of other people have done, which is why I love her blog so much. 

XiaXue is another blogger that I frequently read, She is a Singaporean full time blogger and presenter(I guess you could say) she has her own show on Clicknetwork.tv called Xiaxue's guide to life.
Her blog is actually a life style blog however she does have some fashion post. Her writing style is very opinionated and comical shes not afraid to say what she thinks and look how she wants to look which is why she is very inspiring (I also love her hair, clothing and make up style!) her blog also has alot of blog advertorials and is great for reviews on asian products and brands!

The final blogger in my top 3 is Ashley Dy her blog is called Candy Kawaii Lover(I love her blog name!) she is a Japanese street style photographer and style blogger.
Her style isn't very specific however shes not afraid to mix it up, I love her pictures as they are usually set in front of a beautiful background.
Its also nice to see a change from stereo typical extravagant Japanese fashionistas, she still has that kind of style yet its quite toned down compared to Harajuku and Hime styles.

Thanks for reading!! Who are your favourite bloggers??
Jenny xxx


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