Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lego Jewellery?

As I've been researching into Lego I found it really cool how people like to make jewellery out of it so I decided to make a bracelet out of the Lego I recently bought.
I went to the art building and my tutor helped (by helped I mean did it for me) me drill some holes into the Lego so I could thread some elastic through
 I used some shirring thread instead of beading wire as I already had the thread and a reel of wire costs about £3
 I then threaded the Lego through and added a 2 beads in between each piece, these were given to me by the manager at the restaurant I worked at. I really like how these beads look quite holographic.
After I got the bracelet to the right length I then tied the elastic at each end.
Here is the finished bracelet, I will be getting one of my models to wear this for the fashion show.

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of my bracelet??
Jenny xxx

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