Thursday, 7 March 2013


As part of my sketch book work I have looked into lego, I really like how people make jewellery and other cool accessories out of it. For ages we could not find a small pack of lego bricks however we happily stumbled accross the lego shop in manchester!!

These are some cool findings we found in one of the pots, we actually still have no idea what on earth they are for so if any one knows please let me know!!!

 Here is the pond jess didnt finish making, unfortunatelly i broke it before she had the chance!

Here are some of the other pieces I got including some flowers and a mix of bricks.

I am In love and amazed by these Dee & Ricky pac man ghost broaches and I really have to make these as accessories for my FMP!! 
 These PacMan Broaches retail for around $85, Im hoping that I could easily DIY this the hard part will be finding some pink lego!!!
Dee & Ricky Pac Man Pins

Thanks for reading!!

Jenny xxx

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