Friday, 15 March 2013

Filming Films

One of my tasks is to create a film to present my theme. The story behind my films is basically battle of the bands, as I looked into kpop I found this would be a good idea to use to portray my concept.
The story that I have thought of is a battle of the kpop bands each trying to out do each other with good old PSY as the judge!!
My video is a mash up of a few music videos I have chosen including the end of gangnam style, I apologise but I just had to put the dancing man in the lift in!!

Videos used - Hyuna 'Icecream', SNSD 'I got a boy', G-dragon 'Crayon', T-ara 'Sexy Love', F(x) 'Danger', PSY 'Gangnam Style', Shinee 'Dream Girl', F(x) 'Electric Shock'.

Thanks for reading!! What do u think of the mashup??
Jenny xxx

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