Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sketchbook Work

Ive currently been slowly progressing with my sketch book, I have been looking into kpop music videos and what aspects are put together to create the whole crazy and exciting look of kpop stars and Japanese fashion. 

Here are some of the first pages from my sketchbook

I started by looking into snsd's music video for I got a boy. 

I really liked the wall paper theme they used so I went to B&Q and got some wallpaper samples and did some shape development. 

I then thought toys were a big part of creating the kpop/Japanese decora look so I looked into pac man as I thought as a retro video game this was quite a big influence and a very popular game even still. 

I then looked into lego as I thought this could be a huge inspiration I love the colours and how geographically cool they look. 

Here I tried creating a lego print using a circle of card and printing the paint onto a page. I love the effect of lego and unfortunately I am becoming lego obsessed!! 

Thanks for reading!! I will soon post more images of my book!

Jenny xxx

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