Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ice Cream Shirt toile

Here I am going to create the toile for my Ice Cream shirt, hope you enjoy learning!

 To create my ice cream shirt I started by draping on the stand to try and create my shape.

Using a lingerie guide I drew around two bodice blocks and drew a line, to be my new neck line, roughly around the middle of the arm whole.
I then doubled the size of the top dart of the front bodice block, and wrote the centre front as cut on fold. Then I traced this onto a new sheet and added a 1cm seam allowance, and cut these out.
 I then sewed the darts together and sewed the back pieces too the front leaving the centre back seam open.

Next I tried this on the mannequin and fitted it appropriately.

 After I had fitted my bodice I took the measurements and took this off of my patterns
I then put the bodice back on the mannequin and pinned a piece of fabric to the top, then I drew the ice cream whip shape that I wanted and took it off the mannequin

I then cut this out and tacked it to the bodice to ensure it fit right, then I unpicked it so I could draw around the shape to create a pattern piece with a 0.5cm seam allowance as there are small curves, and then re-sewed on properly.
After this I pinned the bodice onto the mannequin and draped another piece on top to create my ice cream shape.
After i had created the shape I wanted I took the piece off the stand and drew around it to create a pattern adding a 1cm seam allowance.
Then I took the piece and sewed it on to my bodice sewing he neck line and curve first right sides together .
I then sewed each side of  the bottom hem and then sewed the point that sticks out, and flipped inside out

here I realised that i had sewn the left hem wrong and that I had to sew it higher up and not on the hem.
Once inside out I sewed the sides down
I then pinned a line in the centre to create more shape and to create a division. And then sewed this down.

And here is my final toile.
Thanks for reading!!
Jenny xxx

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