Sunday, 16 June 2013

Purple dress toile

Here is how I made the toile for my purple dress.

For this dress I used the same bodice pattern as my bow dress, and sewed together. however for this dress I left the side open.
to create the skirt pattern I drew a rectangle the length of the skirt of my dress and left one side open as I was creating pleats, I decided to double pleat this as it would give it more volume. I drew the first section as a cut on the fold as was about 3cm wide I then sectioned of the next part double that (6cm) and repeated this about 11 times, I then added 1cm SA and cut this out.
After that I cut it out of the fabric and then sewed one seam to gether and pressed. 
I then pleated the skirt but doubled to create more volume and ironed in place.

 I then tacked the pleats to keep them in place.

I then pinned the skirt to the mannequin and saw it was too big, I wend back and placed the pleates so they were closer together and that fixed the problem.
I then sewed the bodice to the skirt the same as my bow dress and then attatched a concealed zip at the right side seam.
Thanks for reading!!
Jenny xxx

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