Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bow dress toile

Here I used my bodice block from the Ice cream shirt, I removed the darts completely and turned them into 4 panels two front and two back with a 1cm SA.
For the skirt I drew a right angle to create a quarter of my circle skirt, I had to calculate the waist measurement, however I was told it is usually 12cm for a size 12 block (roughly a British size 10) but as the skirt was a double circle skirt to create more volume, I halved this.
The correct way to find this measurement can be found on many websites however I am far too confused to go through them once I find a decent explanation I will make another post on making a circle skirt.
I then tied some string to a pencil measured my waist measurement and held this at the centre point of the rectangle, I then drew the circle and also added a 1cm SA.
I then measured how long I wanted my skirt and marked this on the line I then put the string that length and drew the curved hem and added 1cm SA.
I then added a 1cm SA on one side and left the other as it will be cut on the fold.

I then cut this out of my fabric 4 times trying to save as much waste fabric as possible.

After cut out I sewed them together leaving only one seam open.

For the last seam I sewed up half way leaving room for the zip.

For the bodice I cut my pattern pieces out of my fabric.

I then sewed them together leaving the back seam open for the zip.

After I sewed the bodice I attached that to the waist of the skirt wrong sides together.

I then attached a concealed zip to the centre back of my dress.

there was a gap where the seams matches as there was a bit of bulk in this area.

for the gathered front I traced over the front bodice I used for the icecream shirt and extended this to about 60cm
I then gathered this piece and then sewed it on to the side seams, for the final I will sew this into the seam.


 And that is my toile completed! Thanks for reading!!
Jenny xxx

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