Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bargain Jewellery!

A few months ago me and my friend discovered via blog stats and email, we were quite sceptical about risingtaste as you should be with new online shops. But nonetheless we went and had a look and found some of the cheapest clothing and jewellery so I decided to buy some jewellery ready for Christmas, and they arrived a few days sooner than expected.

 First I bought this necklace for $3.44
I fell in love with this when i first saw it on cute little strawberries but I was gutted when I found out that they only ship to Singapore!

I also bought this for $3.44
It looks really pretty in the light, one of my new favourites!

Finally I bought this bracelet for $0.99!!!
I've wanted this bracelet for a long time and I was going to buy it for £3.99 at a different website but when I saw this it made my Christmas!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of my jewellery and rising taste??

And if I don't post before new year then
Happy new year!! I hope 2012 will be good to you :)

Jenny xxx


B said...

those are cute! crazy insane prices! lol how long did it take to ship to you?

Jenny said...

It took about 2- 3 weeks from china to uk :)

B said...

holy bananas. lol your post enticed me to check it out and found alot of things i like and wanted to use for the blog, but then shipping made me so hesitant, but after thinking about it, it still would be cheaper lol Thanks for the great find!

Miranda said...

How what bargains! Thanks for sharing the site with us! I'm for suuureee going to have to stop by and check out the buzz ;))

Mik said...

OMG that necklace is really pretty!!!


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