Thursday, 15 December 2011

DIY: Deco Den Compact

                                                                                                                Deco Den is a really nice hobby
and something fun to do when your bored and its quick and easyThis is more of an example than a tutorial, as I can only really show you an example of what you can do with your embellishments and give you some tips, that way you can have any design that you want on your make-up case or pretty much any plastic cover.

First if you cant find embellishments that you want then a good shop to get them is : (definitely recommend this onlineshop)
Otherwize you should be able to get them from a craft shop.

You will need :
  • Embellishments
  • Glue (Do Not Get Fast Drying Glue)
  • Something to decorate (e.g. Phone case, Compact case, jewellery box...)
  • (Optional) Tweezers and Q-tips.
Step 1

Figure out what design you want to create. Once you know where you want everything place your biggest pieces down first and then glue them down, this will be easier when filling your smaller pieces. (for bigger pieces you can glue the backs and then stick them down.)

Step 2

If you have lots of different sized embellishments then keep gluing them down (remember big to small). If you have embellishments similar to mine then stop when there too small to place with you fingers, that way you wont get covered in glue.

Step 3

Next add the smaller pieces, first glue the surface eavenly and then you can place them down with a pair of tweezers, this way is a lot faster and less fiddly.
(you can use a Q-tip to spread the glue in smaller areas)

Step 4

Fill all the spaces you can with your small embellishment it will look better to fill as much of the cover as possible, unless its part of your design to have some of the cover exposed.

Step 5

Finally fill any small gaps with emaller embellishments (I used nail art Rhinestones)
Then leave your Deco Den case to dry over night (try not to touch it)  

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you tried this or done this before how did it go??

Jenny xxx


British Birdie... said...

Ohhh awesome, shall have to try this out on my phonecase! :)

Miriam Rodriguez Perez said...


Hi darling, just done it!

I received you message from IFB so... this is Míriam from Vigo, north of Spain, definitely I wanna be in touch with bloggers, because, I´m a photographer and illustrator (well, I have a BA of Fine Arts on Design and Audiovisual´s specialization, so I can say that I do a lot of things about Art). So since now, I´m following you!

This is my blog:

Nice to meet you!!

lucia m said...

love it!!!!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

This is so beautiful, you did a really good job.

Ligia who? said...

Hey! thanx for your msg! <3

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