Thursday, 1 December 2011

Making My Millitary Skirt

Over the past few weeks we've been making skirts from our skirt blocks, the current skirt (millitary skirt) now include a box pleat, kick pleat, a yoke, and a facing.

  I still haven't finished but I don't want to hold this post back any longer; Here are some images I've taken so far of the process.

The above photo shows my fabric folded in half and my paper patterns pinned ready to be cut. From this exercise I learned the importance of the grain line. If I did not follow the grain line I would have a twist in my garment. 

The above two images show the front and back facing for the skirt, on the right I have ironed on interfacing. Interfacing strengthens the fabric, in this case it will hold the waists shape. 

This image shows how I constructed the box pleat on the front skirt. Note, notches are important here.

In this image I sewed the yoke on to the front piece. To finish it I top stitched along the yoke line, I found this quite tricky as the fabric moved slightly under the machine foot.

This is a close up of the yoke.

These are the two back pieces with the yokes already attatched

I then had to sew in the invisible zip making sure my yoke lines matched up. To do this I sewed down one side of the zip and pinned the other side to where it matched.

This shows the kick pleat. This looked more difficult to construct than it was.

This is the front and back pieces sewed together on one side.

I've gotten a lot further than these pictures now and I'm really close to finishing at the moment its really long and comes past my knee's, It really starting to look like an Aircadets uniform skirt.

I will be sure to do another post once I've finished my skirt and I can safely say I probably wont be wearing it wont be wearing it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Have you ever made a skirt before? How did it turn out?

Jenny xxx

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